How to use Logic Pro X

Are you trying to learn how to use Logic Pro X because you just downloaded it? All motivated, you fired it up for the first time, stared at it perplexed, clicked around a bit, then walked away frustrated, and maybe made a note to look into some training.

We have several Logic Pro X free tutorials to help you learn if you’re new to the game!

So you downloaded Logic Pro X with big plans of being the next EDM artist, or recording your band, or mixing your next album. You may have debated for hours and searched the web forums to see if Pro Tools would be more professional for your Rock Band, or Ableton would be better for EDM, or FL Studio would be better for Hip-Hop. Or you may have just downloaded it because you already had Mac OS and it was in the App Store. (The good news is that Logic can handle all those genres, comes with quite a few features out of the box, and is easily extended with 3rd party plugins.)

Our tutorials are divided into three parts that we think are the best way to learn. If you are totally new to Logic, then you’ll want to check out the Absolute Beginner Section. Once you gain experience, look at the Advanced Tutorials. Plugins will cover both those native to Logic and 3rd party.

For Beginners

If you’ve never setup your guitar before to record, then you’ll want to check out Recording Guitar in Logic Pro X .

If you’ve never used the drum kits or drum machine, then you’ll want to check out How to make beats on Logic Pro X.

To see what tools we recommend for making EDM, read The Logic Fiends’ Guide to EDM in Logic Pro X.

Advanced Tutorials

You can create Musical Score from MIDI, but also create a Score using Notation. Read our article about the Logic Pro X Score Editor.

One of the cooler advanced features is the MIDI FX – Logic Pro X Arpeggiator.

Get to know your meters! Logic has some decent tools built in.

Also check out our Logic Pro X Tips and Tricks.


If you need help composing, check out this Songwriting App.

Intro to Logic Pro X Alchemy – Apple’s own multi-purpose Synth with many different engines.

Comparison of Apple Audio Compressors – Logic has several emulations of classic compressors, plus it’s own pristine compressor that doesn’t add color.

Comparison of Apple Audio Equalizers – Logic recently added emulations of three classic equalizers.

Spectral Gate Plugin is a unique tool that comes with Logic

Distortion and Harmonics Plugins – a list of tools to add warmth to your mix, from subtle to extreme

SPL TwinTube is a plugin for adding saturation and harmonics

Shadow Hills Master Compressor Plugin adds that extra polish and peak reduction to your final mix

iZotope Ozone Mastering Suite is an all in one solution for your final mix, including an EQ, Exciter, Compressor, Tape Emulation and Maximizer