Cooper Time Cube Plugin Review

I’ll showcase what the UAD Cooper Time Cube Plugin can do by building a song and using it on every track. I’ll also just stick to the presets, so you don’t think I’m using any kind of magical mixing voodoo. You can get the same results.

There are many delay plugins out there that can do some of the obvious short delay stuff that this plugin can do, but sometimes less is more. I wouldn’t say the Time Cube the best thing since sliced bread, but you’ll definitely see how something so arcane (it’s almost like a lost piece of technology from long ago) can spice up your tracks and possibly take you in a new creative direction.

If you don’t have a Spring Reverb, the UAD Time Cube has a preset called “Spring Verb”. This is a piano clip with the preset applied.

Cooper Time Cube Spring Verb Preset
Cooper Time Cube Spring Verb Preset
Piano Clip Dry
Piano Clip with Spring Reverb Preset

Here is the “Long Echo” preset applied to the piano’s left hand playing the bass note.

Cooper Time Cube Long Echo Preset
Cooper Time Cube Long Echo Preset
Piano Clip Left Hand Dry\
Piano Clip Left Hand Long Echo Preset

Here’s the left and right hand combined. They are on two separate tracks, with the “Long Echo” applied to the bass note and the “Spring Verb” applied to the arpeggiated right hand. Notice how it it creates more space and interest.

Piano Clip combined

Now let’s apply the Cooper Time Cube to a drum track. I’ll add Boom Bap drummer Maurice (from Logic Pro X drummer fame) to the mix. Then apply the “In a Box” preset to his track, while keeping the Time Cube on the other tracks as well. It adds a little swing to it and makes the snare a lot more “out front.”

Cooper Time Cube "In a Box" preset
Cooper Time Cube “In a Box” preset
Drums added in Dry
Drums the the Time Cube applied

Now I’ll add in some harmonies via vocal samples. I’ll also add the “BP Echo” preset to it.

BP Echo preset
BP Echo preset
Vocal Samples added in
With the BP Echo Preset

I’ll add in a few guitars, and apply the “Triple Rhythm” preset.

Guitar dry
Guitars Triple Rhythm

Here’s the entire song with no Cooper Time Cube on any of the tracks, and then applied to all of them.

Entire Song no Cooper Time Cube
Entire song with Cooper Time Cube on every track
Time Cube Dotted echo preset
Time Cube Dotted echo preset

Now check this out. I turn off the effect on all the tracks, and apply the Cooper Time Cube plugin to the mix bus with the “Dotted Echo” preset. It changes the entire rhythm of the track! This could be very useful if you get to the end of your song, and it just doesn’t feel right. Perhaps you’ll end up with something you didn’t imagine, but a pleasant surprise.

Dotted Echo preset on mix bus.

Another example with the “Repeater” preset on the mix bus.

With Repeater preset on mix bus.

One final touch. I’ll re-enable the plugin on all the tracks, and adjust the mix bus plugin to “Haas Effect Right” which makes the entire song sound more “full” (in my opinion anyways.) It’s pretty amazing how much more space and depth is added by using no effects other than this nifty plugin.

Haas Effect Right
Haas Effect Right
Haas Effect Right

I built this track very quickly, everything was a first take. If you are having trouble building tracks, then I’d recommend reading these articles if you need a chord generator , help with arpeggios or how to use a music sampler.

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