Generate Your Sheet Music for Free with Logic Pro X Notation

Did you know that you can see your music in notation format? Did you know that you can edit the score with notation and have it affect your midi too? Basically, you can create sheet music free!

When you double click the midi region, piano roll opens up as normal. There’s a tab next to the piano roll called “Score” that will show your midi notes in music notation. This is the Logic Pro X notation editor.

 Logic Pro X notation editor
Logic Pro X notation editor

On the left you’ll see a drop down called “Part Box”. If you don’t see it click on one of the notes in the staff and it’ll show up. You can now drag notes onto the staff, which also edits the midi for you! Sucks if you can’t read sheet music 😉 If you can though, this may be a good way to design your songs. Composing from a theory standpoint will give you more of a bird’s eye view. You might lose some of the feel that you would get playing an instrument, but your technical decisions will probably be better.

Let’s say we want to do a key change where we drop from C to B flat. Drag the Bb over to the next measure and it’ll adjust the notation and the midi.

We can also do a time change by dragging out 2/4 time.

We can drag the lyric option over and type in lyrics.

Also, you can add in guitar chord charts.

There seems to be just about every form of notation that you’d want, so you can create something quite formal. If you’re a songwriter composing to share with others, or need to submit your score for approval (or perhaps file with the copyright office) then you can export your sheet music out of Logic Pro.

You can convert your sheet music to midi and your midi to sheet music. Fantastic!

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